Concrete Pumping in Dorset

Are you in the market for concrete pumping services? If so, you should give Dorset Concrete Pumping a call now, and we’ll deliver a concrete pump that is appropriately suited to your project requirements. A concrete pump refers to a piece of equipment that is used to transfer liquid concrete over set distances. It can be used to transfer concrete to locations which previously were only accessible with a wheelbarrow.

It can be used to pour concrete wherever you need it. So, whether you’re constructing driveways, building foundations or laying down footings, a pump is a useful thing to have. At Dorset Concrete Pumping, we’re committed to taking impossible jobs and making them possible through the provision of high-quality concrete pump solutions which are affordably priced.

Our pumps can reach those hard-to-reach locations allowing for the concrete to be placed cleanly and precisely where it’s needed. From 16m to 56m booms, our team can provide much in the way of flexibility facilitating project requirements of all shapes and sizes. Please note that you must clearly state the distance when requesting concrete pumping in Dorset. This ensures that the correct pump is sent to you.

We’ll also require additional information from you to ensure a smooth process throughout. We’ll need to know about anything that might block access such as low hanging trees, overhead power cables, lamp posts, etc. Our team will also need to know if this might cause any obstruction to the support legs. If the concrete is to be pumped over a large distance, you need to tell us whether you require any additional labour to assist.

An additional cost will apply for us to provide labour to assist in setting up the pump. You will also need to supply one bag of cement for the priming of the pump, as well as a protective sheet for the rear of the pump in case of any spillages. If you’re unable to supply this, please let us know so that any delays can be avoided. Once any concrete pumping in Dorset is completed, the pump will need to be cleaned.

You will need to provide an area as the hopper usually contains around 4-5 wheelbarrows worth of concrete. This concrete needs to be washed onto the floor. Alternatively, if you have access to wood or polythene, a washout tray can be easily made. Please let us know if this isn’t possible as we can clean the pump and hopper at our site – a wash out charge will apply.

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Concrete pumps supplied by Dorset Concrete Pumping are available to hire anywhere from three to eight hours. Please note that prices may vary.

What Types of Concrete Pumps Are Available?

At Dorset Concrete Pumping, we supply two types of concrete pump to help your clients get the most out of concrete pumping in Dorset.

Boom Pump

– first, you have the Boom Pump which utilises a radio hydraulic arm to deliver mix-on-site concrete from a household to a large construction site.

Line Pump

– second, you have the Line Pump. Line pumps are used in situations where concrete needs to be pumped to a hard-to-reach area, over fencing or even over buildings.


At Dorset Concrete Pumping, we’re committed to providing solutions which change the way that modern concrete construction is carried out.

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What Are the Benefits of Concrete Pumping Dorset?

Over the years, concrete pumping has dramatically changed the way modern concrete construction is carried out. There are many benefits to hiring a concrete pump which you can find listed below:

Faster Than Using Wheelbarrows

Save Up To 50% on Labour Compared to Truck Delivery

Concrete and Pump from the Same Supplier

Access Hard-To-Reach Areas

Helps to Offset Logistical Challenges Associated with Scheduling

Save Time and Money

What’s more, at Dorset Concrete Pumping, we can provide concrete pumping in Dorset to facilitate projects of all sizes. If you would like to discuss any of this in more detail, give our team a call now on 01202 925345.

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